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These links should all be for American made products.

If you find any that are not, or if the link is no longer active- please let me know. 



Union Label
Pointer Brand
Todd Shelton Men's Clothing
Bargain Socks Socks
All American Clothing
Union Wear Tee Shirts and Hats

Work Boots
Danner Boots
Zappos Shoes

Household Appliances.

Staber Industries American Made Washers and dryers.


Teddie Peanut Butter.
USA Coffee Company Also a union company

Household Goods.

Faribault Mills Blankets
Brahms Mount Blankets, Linens, Towels
Americraft Cookware Pots, Pans and such


Bully Tools
Armstrong Tools My great-grandfather worked for them in the 1930's


Under the Green Roof Toys
US Made Toys
American Plactic Toys Inc.

Other websites listing Made in USA Links.

US Stuff,
Made In USA
Buy Direct USA

I will add more as I find them- If you know of any send me a link.

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